Dr Annabelle Chow Psychologist

Dr Annabelle Chow

Clinical Psychologist (AHPRA)

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Annabelle specialises in providing therapy for:

Ψ Abuse and Trauma
Ψ Anxiety Disorders
(Generalised anxiety disorder, Social anxiety, Panic disorder, Specific phobia)
Ψ Depression and Pre/Post-Partum Depression
Ψ Bereavement and Grief
Ψ Dissociative Disorders
Ψ Dementia
Ψ Geriatric Psychology
Ψ Personality Disorders (PDs)
(Borderline PDs, Dependent PDs, Avoidant PDs)
Ψ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Ψ Relationship and marital difficulties
Ψ Workplace bullying and stressors

Speak to us if you experience difficulties in one of the above (or other) or feel you may benefit from early intervention with Dr Annabelle.

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